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Selleck Trestle.jpg
lk wilderness otter slide pod.15.5(1).jp

Selleck Trestle

Lake Wilderness Otter Slide

MV Train at Water Tower

Heading 1

Town of Taylor

MV Train at the Watertower

Foss Shadow Lake Dance Hall
gibbon store and home 1909 85.47.1.jpg

Foss Shadow Lake Dance Hall

Gibbon Store and Home

85.182.1 MV RR Trestle & Train.jpg
85-49-18 barber shop.jpg

MV RR & Trestle

Barber Shop


Gibbon House

02-37-23P Hobart Mill.jpg

Wood & Iverson Mill
Hobart, WA

old post office.jpg

Heading 1

Post Office housed in old hotel

Foss Shadow Lake Cabins

85.50.1 Maple Valley Street Scene.jpg

High School on 216th

Gracie Hansen Community Center

Bar and Hotel in old Maple Valley

.  Credit must be given to the Maple Valley Historical Society with every picture displayed or published.  The use of any photo must be approved by the Maple Valley Historical Society.

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